An Introduction

Welcome to my blog! I just wanted to start off with an introduction post with some information about myself and what this blog is about. My name is Logan and I am a computer science major at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

First and foremost this will be a blog about programming and the things that I learn along the way. For example, I have been learning React and I'm excited to write about how that's going and elaborate on some of the sticking points. I hope to be able to document my learning journey and hopefully gain a deeper understanding of the topics that I decide to study by writing about them here.

Secondly, I might write about some other topics that might not necessarily relate to coding but things that just generally interest me. I'll try to keep it limited to technology at least even though I may be tempted to write about some of my other hobbies like tennis or rock climbing, that is if we get through covid.

I can't wait to share what I learn and my progress!